Letting go of Control (just a little)

For those that know me, you would also know that I am a bit of a control freak. I like things done my way and have trouble delegating!

I recently learnt however, that letting go a little, taking an easier option and accepting help from others can be a good thing – not only for yourself, but for the family as a whole. Mind you, I didn’t learn this myself – I was overruled by my husband :)

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It came just before Christmas and I had just had surgery on my wrist so was very limited in the duties I could do. A couple of days after surgery, hubby had to head back to work and I was home with both boys. This was all well and good as I was prepared for this. I had easy to grab snacks and lunches prepared before my surgery and had set up a nappy changing station on the bathroom floor (as I couldn’t lift my 19 month old up to the change table). What I wasn’t prepared for was my 19 month old son to get THE WORST case of diarrhea. At one point he went through 6 nappies in an hour!

If I was in charge, I would have kept using our cloth nappies and had the washing machine running non stop. But I wasn’t in charge! I couldn’t do the washing, so hubby went to the supermarket and bought a packet of disposables (despite my protesting and arguing) and to be honest, it was the best decision for that point in time (not that we will let hubby know!).

For that week that my poor bub was sick, I was highly restricted in what I could do and hubby was working full time (he works in Brisbane and we live on the Gold Coast so it can be quite a long day). Using the disposable nappies was really the most practical thing to do, but I would have been too stubborn and controlling to reach that conclusion for myself!

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be saying publicly that the owner of Fluffy Tails was using disposable nappies (shock, horror) but the point of this blog post is not to debate the use of cloth vs disposable nappies. The point of this post is that I have learnt that is ok to let go sometimes and things will still work out ok. The world will not stop if you choose to take a shortcut sometimes. Take a load off and serve scrambled eggs or cereal for dinner if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Sometimes not worrying about getting everything right and perfect is a good thing and can be just what you need to get through a rough patch.

So I think this will be my new year’s resolution – learning to let the little things go. I am hoping this will help me relax and also have more time to enjoy some of the little moments in life. (I think it will be hard though – I don’t like to let go of control!)

Are you a control freak like me?